Sand Castle provides a variety of other types of services, including the following:
Letter Drop

Without intentionally contacting your customer, our field representative posts your personalized and confidential correspondence and inspects and photographs property or collateral. Your report includes photos of the property and posted correspondence, photos of the collateral if applicable, and general property details.
Title Search

You receive any encumbrances (liens, taxes, and unpaid mortgages) caused by current or former owners on real property, court dockets, mortgages, marriage licenses and divorce decrees, death certificates and estate filings, domestic relations, chain of title, cloud on title, and additional public records.
Notary Service

A state commissioned notary public visits or schedules a visit to a location to complete general notary acts (acknowledgments, affirmations, etc.). Original documents can be returned, to your specifications.
Skip Trace

Using current skip trace software and techniques, you receive a detailed report that may include the current address of your customer, location of property, contact information of possible relatives or neighbors, employment information, or other information that may assist you.
Vehicle Identification

Our field representative reports on VIN, license plate, location, and condition. Photos of your collateral and its location are included. Exclusions may apply (i.e. Vehicle cannot be located).