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Without you, there is no 'us'. We are accountable for every service we provide and every contact we make. Our employees and field representatives act and follow through with integrity and respect for you and your customers.

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Our Commitments To You

We measure our performance using statistics to continously strengthen our processes and services.


We actively listen to understand your needs. We keep our focus on you.


We invest in our team for growth. We make socially conscious business decisions to promote the welfare of others.


We work in partnership with you, and amongst ourselves to deliver a fair and valuable service.

Jerry And Joe
How it Began...

Meet Jerry Querio and Joe Bellante, they are our proud founders and co-owners of Sand Castle Field Services. In the 1990's, they met working in the banking industry and saw a need for a one-stop field services provider with unmatched customer service. Since establishing in 2003, Sand Castle now offers a diverse set of field services options for all types of industries.

We are committed to finding an efficient and impactful solution for you by continously improving our processes, and uplifting our employees and surrounding communities.

Meet The Team
Diane Rathje

Business Development Manager

Michele Bellante

Client Relations Manager

Jeff Langley

Senior Account Executive

Daisy Robles

Account Executive

Emily Vincent

Account Executive

Liz Agoudemos

Operations Manager

Jess S
Jess Skowron

Operations Manager

Todd Pawlinski

Operations Manager

Eric Larsen

Technology Services Manager

Steve Rios

Information Technology Manager

Andrew Kuttler

Risk & Compliance Manager

Crystal Giles

Human Resources Manager

Jenni Kelly

Project Management Manager

Eric Querio

Marketing Manager

Mike P
Matthew Porter

Accounting Manager

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