Become An Independent Contractor

Sand Castle is a nationwide field service company that collects and confirms important data for its partners, through an on-demand workforce.
  • Gain new skills
  • Earn supplemental income
  • Set your own coverage areas
  • Negotiate your fees
  • No set hours - Timelines are given to complete orders
Corporate Location: Brookfield, WI
Complete Coverage: United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands

How It Works

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Client Submits an Order

Our clients range from banks, credit unions, loan servicing companies, franchise brands, and more.

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SCFS Prepares the Order

Internal processes and an in-house team make sure you have everything you need for a successful visit.

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Independent Contractor Completes the Order

This is where you come in! You carry out the order's instructions within the given timeline. When you're done, you submit the results on our website.

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SCFS Prepares the Results

Our in-house team and technology processes make sure the order is ready for the client.

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Client Receives the Results

SCFS sends the results to the client. It's as easy as that!

Become An Independent Contractor

Independent Contractor On-Boarding Process

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Interest Submission

We ask for your contact information, services you want to complete at-will, the areas you cover, and a few more details.
Your submission is reviewed for your services and available areas.
If approved, we'll contact you with a temporary login and password to complete the online form.

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Online Form

Complete the full online document, available using the temporary login information provided.
Provide additional details about your experience, services, and coverage area, and demonstrate your understanding of key topics.

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Background Check

All Independent Contractors, and those performing services on behalf of Sand Castle must successfully complete a background check.
Please note that certain convictions may be reason to reject your submission.

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Application Approval

After our review, we will celebrate your approval and the start of a new adventure!

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Online Review Process

Acknowledge understanding and receipt of manuals and independent contractor agreements.
Complete these prerequisites and you are ready to receive assignments!

Interest Submission

Sand Castle Field Services is always looking for high quality independent contractors. If you're interested, please begin the process by completing the survey below. If your submission is approved, you will receive an email with a username and password to fill out our online form.
Due to our wide client base, background checks are requested.

Contact Information

First Name:*

Last Name:*




State, Zip:*


"Every one of your staff that I have worked with, spoken to, got answers or help from have been extremely helpful, courteous, and just plain good to me! I mean that! Your culture is the best."

-Independent Contractor of 6 months, completing hundreds of orders

How did you hear about Sand Castle? Please check all that apply.

Please indicate which services interest you. Check all that apply.

Assist clients in re-establishing communication with their customers and deliver personalized and confidential correspondence while inspecting and photographing property.
Visually inspect real estate, leased vehicles, equipment, or any other types of property. Provide a detailed condition report and digital photos of the property.
Provide all services necessary to protect and preserve real estate in accordance with industry property preservation standards.
You have selected preservation as a service interest. There will be a short preservation survey on the next page.

Please provide any additional detail regarding the services you provide and how you can benefit our team of talented individuals.

Please provide a list of zip codes or counties that you are able to service.

Become An Independent Contractor

Property Preservation Survey

Thank you for your interest in property preservation! Please fill out the short survey below.

1) Have you previously completed Preservation services using investor guidelines?
To perform preservation services, you must have experience. You can continue your application to perform other services.
2) What regional or national property preservation companies do you currently work for, or have worked for?
2.a) How long have you been working for them?
3) What locks (codes) and padlocks do you stock?
4) Can you provide bids for all items that are potential conveyance issues and complete the services upon approval?
4.a) If no, which services would you need a 3rd party to complete?
4.b) Are you able to obtain required bids from a 3rd party and facilitate the completion of the services once approved?
5) What is your standard turnaround time for order completion in your coverage area?
5.a) Are you able to complete rush orders within a 48 hour turnaround time?
6) Are you capable and versed in providing bids for services based on the following investor guidelines and allowables?
Fannie Mae
Freddie Mac
7) What photos and documentation are required for the following:
Lock Change:
Dry Winterization:
8) What is the complete name of your business?
8.a) What type of business (i.e. corporation, LLC, etc.)?
8.b) What is the date of incorporation or date the company was created?
8.c) What is the name of the company owner?
8.d) What is the EIN?
9) Do you carry insurance?
Errors and Omissions
Worker's Comp
General Liability
10) Do you have an Aspen Grove Account?
11) Do you have any certifications or licenses?