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With complete coverage in the US, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands, diverse product offerings, and numerous customization options available, Sand Castle services can be seamlessly integrated to complement and enhance any strategy.

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Field Visit
Field Visits

We connect clients with their customers all over the nation, while delivering a personal and confidential correspondence, facilitating a warm transfer, and conducting a brief exterior inspection of the property. Field Visit reporting includes a summary of the outcome of the visit and provides details on all related findings, conversations, contact, and photos of the property and collateral (where applicable).

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Benefits of Reconnecting with a Sand Castle Field Visit:
  • Promotes communication with a non-responsive customer
  • Encourages future customer communication
  • Includes the hand-delivery of your confidential correspondence for your customer
  • Creates a sense of urgency and urges your customer to take action
  • Customizable
  • Includes photos of collateral if present
Steps of a Field Visit
  • Inspect: The field representative inspects and photographs the property and collateral.
  • Post: The correspondence is posted to the door.
  • Ring: The field representative rings the doorbell or knocks on the door.
  • Interview & Go: If applicable, the field representative speaks with the customer and completes the visit.
Conditionally Included in your Report:
  • Occupancy information
  • Updated contact and employment information
  • Photos of the property
  • Photos of the collateral (if applicable)
  • Unusual circumstances
  • Additional requirements per your specifications
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eConnect is a digital platform that enables secure and quick data collection from your stakeholders back to you, through self-inspections and first-hand information. It is a secure platform that facilitates communication with your customer, so that you get the information you need, as soon as possible. Our eConnect technology is built in collaboration with you to match your specific needs.

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The platform is customizable according to the parameters that you set. You select the series of questions the customers are guided through, and we set the stage with your branding and contact information

Convenient Time Frame

After receiving an invitation notice, the user logs in to provide an update within the specific time frame that you set, creating a communication window that is convenient for both you and the intended user.

Limited Interaction

The invitation to eConnect is delivered via a non-contact Field Visit; this hand-delivery helps reinforce the importance of completing the eConnect while limiting interactions between the Field Representative an any party contacted.

How it Works
  1. Your SCFS Account Executive works with you to set up questions based on your business needs
  2. The recipient is sent an invitation to set up their unique registration credentials.
  3. The recipient is prompted to complete the questions and criteria previously set up by you.
  4. The recipient uploads relevant photos if necessary.
  5. The recipient can optionally choose to save or print their responses for their records before submitting.
  6. Shortly after submission, you can review the results from the recipient.
  • Reach your stakeholders, no matter where they are.
  • Choose from a wide selection of survey questions or customize the questions to your stakeholders.
  • Ability to require specific questions and make others optional
  • Gain a visual of important assets and status updates through photos uploaded directly from your stakeholders.
  • Close to immediate results: once your stakeholders submit responses, the data is transferred securely to you.
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Our inspection service options can facilitate the management of your properties or vehicles. During an inspection, one of our talented field representatives will visually inspect the exterior of the targeted item. This can include the inspection of repairs at any stage of completion. If an interior inspection is requested, the field representative can coordinate an appointment to gain access or access via lock box on site or standard key codes. All of these services include photographic evidence of the visual inspection and will be included in the final report.

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Property Inspection

Following investor guidelines, our field representative completes an occupancy inspection to report on property type, occupancy status, postings, potential hazards, damages, detached structures, lawn, and utilities. If requested, an interior inspection is conducted, which includes a visual inspection of interior rooms for damages and overall condition.

Commercial Property Inspection

An interior and/or exterior inspection of commercial property is completed. Our field representative reports on: product type, neighborhood data, number of buildings, number of floors, and additional details. If an interior inspection is required, our field representative reports on: HVAC, mechanicals, lighting, elevators, and additional interior features. Your report includes the overall condition of the building. Inspections can be scheduled.

Equipment Inspection

Our field representative inspects equipment for item and serial number, location, and condition rating. Additional data points are available per your specifications. Inspections can be scheduled.

Insurance Inspection

An inspection is conducted to identify the percentage of work completed of an insurance claim.

Manufactured Home Inspection

Our field representative inspects the exterior of a manufactured home for size, utilities, manufacturer and year, occupancy status, exterior condition, and recommended repairs. If requested, an interior inspection is completed in addition to an exterior inspection. This includes the condition of each interior room.

Vehicle Inspection

Our field representative verifies the VIN and visually inspects the exterior of the vehicle to include the body, tires, and glass. Vehicles can include auto, RV, boat/marine, motorcycle, and all other motorized transport. Your report includes location, damages, and general condition.

Lot Inspection

Our field representative visits the location or schedules an appointment if required, then inspects and verifies any of your various requirements which includes: lot location validation, operating hours, inventory details, licensing, lighting, security, etc. You receive a description of the findings in your report.

Franchise Inspection

An inspection of a franchise location and building with the goals of brand protection and compliance.

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Vehicle Inspections

We partner with you to customize your services, with the goal of maximizing all efforts made to achieve your goals. Our field representatives can provide detailed reporting of the vehicle through a visual and photographic inspection during their visit. Vehicle inspections are conducted using these different customizable options.

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Vehicle Inspection
Field Visit

Field Visits are designed to help you achieve Right Party Contact. Our Field Representative will attempt to make contact with your customer. Delivery or posting of a confidential

Letter Drop

Letter Drops are designed to help you achieve Right Party Contact, without intentional customer contact in the field. Delivery or posting of a confidential correspondence, creating urgency to contact you ASAP, is completed. Photos of the property and collateral (when present) are provided.

Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Inspections provide the most amount of detail of the vehicle’s non-mechanical components. Vehicle identifications spot for the collateral and provide a high level condition report.

Lot Inspections

Lot Inspections report on a lot’s security, storage of vehicles, and business licensing.


A self-portal that our clients can log into and complete a survey about the vehicle. Photos of the collateral are uploaded and are fully customizable.

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Brand Protection
Brand Protection

Brand Inspections are a cost-effective, interior and/or exterior inspection of any of your brand locations. These can be one-time or recurring, and can be conducted during the daytime or nighttime, depending on your specific needs. Your report provides data and photos you need to keep your customers returning, detailing any noticeable flaws or damage to site features, including but not limited to: lighting, signage, parking lots, garbage areas, restroom facilities, and common areas.

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What is a Brand Inspection?

A Brand Inspection is a comprehensive strategy aimed at protecting your brand using a blend of our eConnect and Brand Inspection services.

Why Should I use Brand Inspections?

Brand Inspections are designed to both increase the ease of access to Sand Castle Field Services as well as to provide a cost effective and comprehensive coverage solution. You get the best of both worlds through the repeatability of eConnect and the high dependability of a Brand Inspection.

The Inspection

Brand Inspections are a cost-effective, interior and/or exterior inspection of any of your brand locations. These can be one-time or recurring, and can be conducted during the daytime or nighttime, depending on your specific needs. Your report provides data and photos you need to keep your customers returning, detailing any noticeable flaws or damage to site features, including but not limited to: lighting, signage, parking lots, garbage areas, restroom facilities, and common areas.

Benefits to You

Exceeding expectations, being recognizable, and building trust are pillars of customer loyalty. A returning customer might visit one of your stores 10 miles from home or 500 miles from home, and they’ll expect the same experience no matter where they are. With Sand Castle Field Services’ Brand Inspections, you will gain an independent view of your brand while eliminating your travel expenses, liability and risk, and labor costs.

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We know how important it is to maintain a vacant property, in all seasons. That’s why we offer comprehensive property preservation services to maintain properties that are secured and compliant with regulations and ordinances. Following investor guidelines, potential risks are reported, and timely bids are provided to address a particular property’s needs. Your final report includes documentation of all services and proposed bids, with photos and property condition reports.

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Sand Castle offers valuation services in the forms of Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) and Broker Price Opinions (BPOs) so that you can get the most up-to-date value of a property.

Letter Drop

Without intentionally contacting your customer, our field representative posts your personalized and confidential correspondence and inspects and photographs property or collateral. Your report includes photos of the property and posted correspondence, photos of the collateral if applicable, and general property details.

Title Search

You receive any encumbrances (liens, taxes, and unpaid mortgages) caused by current or former owners on real property, court dockets, mortgages, marriage licenses and divorce decrees, death certificates and estate filings, domestic relations, chain of title, cloud on title, and additional public records.

Notary Service

A state commissioned notary public visits or schedules a visit to a location to complete general notary acts (acknowledgments, affirmations, etc.). Original documents can be returned, to your specifications.

Skip Trace

Using current skip trace software and techniques, you receive a detailed report that may include the current address of your customer, location of property, contact information of possible relatives or neighbors, employment information, or other information that may assist you.

Vehicle Identification

Our field representative reports on VIN, license plate, location, and condition. Photos of your collateral and its location are included. Exclusions may apply (i.e. Vehicle cannot be located).

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