eConnect by Sand Castle makes data collection and customer connection easy.

Today's customers are increasingly dependent on digital communication, which is why we offer secure and quick data collection, through digital self-inspections and first-hand information. This empowers your customers to take hold of their accounts - one photo, one survey, one click - at a time.

Benefits to You

  • Reach customers throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands.
  • Choose from a wide selection of survey questions to tailor the service to your customers and their unique situations.
  • Gain a visual of collateral and real property directly from your customers.

Why eConnect?

You select the series of questions your customers are guided through, and we set the stage with your branding and contact information.
Tailored Timeframe
After receiving an invitation, customers log in to provide an update within the specific time frame, set by you, creating a communication window that is convenient for both you and your customers.
Cost- and Time-Effective
We develop a platform that matches your brand and strategy, with various data transfer options including integration with third-party and proprietary systems.
Socially Distant
Customers receive their invitation letter and respond to your questions online, all without needing to come into contact with others.