Sand Castle provides inspection services specific to your portfolio. All inspections include photos of address verification, property, and collateral (if applicable), or photos to your specifications. All inspection services are customizable.
Property Inspection

Following investor guidelines, our field representative completes an occupancy inspection to report on property type, occupancy status, postings, potential hazards, damages, detached structures, lawn, and utilities. If requested, an interior inspection is conducted, which includes a visual inspection of interior rooms for damages and overall condition.
Commercial Property Inspection

An interior and/or exterior inspection of commercial property is completed. Our field representative reports on: product type, neighborhood data, number of buildings, number of floors, and additional details. If an interior inspection is required, our field representative reports on: HVAC, mechanicals, lighting, elevators, and additional interior features. Your report includes the overall condition of the building. Inspections can be scheduled.
Equipment Inspection

Our field representative inspects equipment for item and serial number, location, and condition rating. Additional data points are available per your specifications. Inspections can be scheduled.
Insurance Inspection

An inspection is conducted to identify the percentage of work completed of an insurance claim.
Manufactured Home Inspection

Our field representative inspects the exterior of a manufactured home for size, utilities, manufacturer and year, occupancy status, exterior condition, and recommended repairs. If requested, an interior inspection is completed in addition to an exterior inspection. This includes the condition of each interior room.
Vehicle Inspection

Our field representative verifies the VIN and visually inspects the exterior of the vehicle to include the body, tires, and glass. Vehicles can include auto, RV, boat/marine, motorcycle, and all other motorized transport. Your report includes location, damages, and general condition.
Lot Inspection

Our field representative visits the location or schedules an appointment if required, then inspects and verifies any of your various requirements which includes: lot location validation, operating hours, inventory details, licensing, lighting, security, etc. You receive a description of the findings in your report.

An inspection of a franchise location and building with the goals of brand protection and compliance.