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Sand Castle
Field Services
Sand Castle is your national field service provider, with complete coverage in the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands.

Our Mission

We embrace and deliver the most customer-centric experience to our partners while protecting assets, mitigating risk, and increasing fiscal savings.

Company Overview

We are a team of innovators. We work hard and we play hard. Owners Joe and Jerry have over 50 years of combined experience, and our associates are selected to complement everyone on the team’s individual experiences.

We want to be your first choice and partner for all of your field service needs.

Our Services

We tailor solutions to your auto, vehicle, commercial, residential, manufactured home, equipment, unsecured, and lease portfolios. All of our services are customizable to your needs.
Our field representative attempts to re-establish communication between you and your customer. Your correspondence is delivered to your specifications.
Our field representative inspects property. Options are available, including interior, exterior, and appointment-only.
We provide you with an estimated sale price on a property, using a licensed real estate professional and automated processes.
Our field representative’s work is completed to keep properties well-maintained and secure, according to investor guidelines.
We offer a variety of other services including Letter Drop, Asset Search, Title Search, Notary Service, Skip Trace, and Vehicle Identification.

Why Choose Sand Castle?

Relationships, Experience, Value, Communication, Commitment, & Coverage.


Without you, there is no ‘us’. We are accountable for every service we provide and every contact we make. Our employees and field representatives act and follow through with integrity and respect for you and your customers.


We have serviced the industry for over 15 years, working with thousands of client associates. We have completed millions of orders, and continue to receive tens of thousands every month. Our retention rate is over 99%, with loyal customers dating back to our inception.


Our clients leverage our services to meet and exceed their goals. We are passionate about helping you reach yours.


We communicate and act with integrity. We actively listen to your needs, to create a valuable relationship.


We are committed to finding an efficient and impactful solution for you, continuously improving our processes, and uplifting our employees and community.


You have access to every zip code in the United States as well as Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands.


Our employees and field representatives act and follow through with integrity and respect for you and your customers.


We collaborate to deliver value.

We work in partnership with you, and amongst ourselves, to deliver a fair and valuable service.


We develop and maintain relationships built on trust.

We actively listen to understand your needs. We keep our focus on you.


We evaluate our methods and make decisions based on facts.

We measure our performance using statistics to continuously strengthen our processes and services.


We do what is right and act with integrity.

We invest in our team for growth. We make socially-conscious business decisions to promote the welfare of others.

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